Beef SEMI-FINISHED LUMPED BEEF If the products are purchased at the given ratio; containers not included

Name: Cutlet meat

Product Description: Lumped meat flesh of various sizes and mass from the neck, flank, intercostal meat, meat from cannon, radial and elbow bone, and trimmings from large semi-finished lumps.

Name: Silverside

Product Description: Flesh separated from pelvic, sacral and femoral bone as one sheet from the muscles adjacent to cannon bone; stripped clean from tendons, coarse top films, fat.

Name: Shoulder

Product Description: Flesh taken from blade bone and humerus; stripped clean from coarse connective tissues and tendons.

Name: Longest backside

Product Description: Product description: Meat sheet cut parallel to the spine and stripped clean from coarse films and tendons.

Name: Neck-subscapular part

Product Description: Product description: Meat sheet taken from neck vertebra and stripped clean from tendons and coarse films.

Name: Trimmings

Product Description: The widest, deep chest, serratus, ventral and other muscles taken from the rib part of half carcass from 4th to 13th rib; stripped clean from fat.

Name: Breast

Product Description:

Superficial chest, deep chest and other muscles separated from chest bone, chest cartilages and lower-third ribs; stripped clean from tendons and fat.

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